Saturday, 23 April 2011

First Thoughts

It seems to me that every other Bugger in this world Blogs as though their life depended on it - and as I have the ability to talk until people pass into a coma I thought maybe it was my turn..

I think it's time for a rant - When the HELL did I get to be unemployable?? I have brought up 3 kids and cared for my Dad for years, I have skills that Captains of Industry would envy and yet no Bugger thinks I can work a Till or talk to people on the phone.. They'll happily take on Acne ridden Teenagers who can't string a sentence together without adding "Like y'know" and think customer service means interrupting their conversation to turn and say "Yeah?", and yet I am not worthy.. It beats me, it really does.

Apparently one of the problems is that I don't "fit in" round here.. Laughably I am considered too well spoken. When did that become a negative I wonder? Indeed, I am proud of the fact that even my flirty texts are appropriately punctuated.. It may not do anything for my love life but it sure as hell makes me feel good! So I find myself "dumbing down" (somebody shoot me for even typing that phrase) and trying to fit in more, which doesn't work either.

So for now I shall satisfy myself with the fact that my kids are a credit to me and when I have to throw the neighbourhood Scrotes off my front garden I do it with style and, most importantly, they KNOW they've been punctuated by a Posh Bird..

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  1. I do believe that is the custom for bloggers to be abused and verbally denigrated regardeing the content of their blogs, so not wishing to deviate from tradition, here goes;

    Oi Posh Bird - yer don't know nuffinck, innit?