Monday, 5 March 2012

Back by popular demand....

.. That is a monster exaggeration ~ truth be told one person said they liked my Blog and now I've got all big headed and decided to start it again.. Shall I point out the unsubscribe button now, or shall we totter on??

Anyway.. I have been set a challenge by the gorgeous pouting Julie Sardine Tin.. It's called the 7x7x7x7 ~ and to explain I shall cut and paste from her latest blog (which by the way, is a jolly good read):~  

I have to list 7 blog posts I admire

Then list 7 things about myself

Then answer 7 questions set by that my "tagger", set 7 questions of my own and pass on the whole shebang!

So I'm going to give it a go ~ It will take me a day or so to put it all together.. but watch this space!

Oh and the lovely Julie's Blog is 

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