Friday, 29 June 2012

As Time Goes By..

I have been talking a lot about the whole adoption thing recently and I expect you are wondering why I have gone silent.. And even if you're not I intend to tell you anyway!

It's very simple ~ I've had the most MASSIVE panic attack about the whole thing. It's all happened so quickly, and I have gone from not really caring about the whole thing to being totally engrossed and knowing that because of my age, and that of my "birth mother" I really need to get cracking ~ just in case..

Well, I actually need to take a break from it for a few more days ~ I have all sorts of  other "stuff" demanding my attention, mainly crappy money worries stuff, and the lack of sleep and all round pressure is kicking off the bad bits of my brain again. I refuse to go back down that hideous path of depression, so I have decided to alleviate one small piece of stress and let the forms remain unsigned and in my bag, just for another week!

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