Wednesday, 23 January 2013

New Year, New Start.. Yeah RIGHT..

So, I have just realised I haven't indulged in a litany of misery since October ~ and I know there must be a whole heap of you thinking "And Thank God for THAT".. but I am back and with, I think, a slight change of theme!

In the past I have used this blog as a kind of cathartic outpouring, and that has been very necessary for my mental health and wellbeing, but now I feel I need to move forward if for no other reason that even I am a bit sick of being a misery..

So let's have a quick update shall we?? Since we last spoke I have changed jobs, moved house, got a new car (necessary when the last one turned out to be a ringer and was seized by the police ~ oh yes..) and survived Christmas, not a bad set of achievements for  me. I am a tiny bit proud of still being in a semi-normal frame of mind a couple of months down the line, despite various things going wrong and the fact I am out of happy pills because I need to change doctor and have so far completely failed to do so!!

So after 3 moves in 3 years I feel qualified to provide you with the ADHD guide to moving house..

1) Find a new house, get thoroughly over exited about the idea of a fresh start ~ miraculously forgetting you thought that last time.
2) Develop a set of grandiose plans involving the new house which will involve an influx of cash (no, I don't know where it would come from either)
3) Decide firmly that THIS time there will be no collections of crap in cupboards/on surfaces etc etc.
4) Plan merrily for a crap free future, the house will be the same as all my friends as opposed to teetering on the brink of chaos.
5) Conveniently forget that moving house involves more than packing up the glasses cupboard.
6) Get taken into hospital the weekend you are supposed to be moving.
7) Get let down by the van man 3 days before moving.
8) End up taking 4 days to move, crying a lot and realising you don't have any curtain poles.
9) Open a bottle..

See? Piece of cake...

I'll take bookings by email, Thanks..

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  1. Sounds just like when we have moved! Minus the hospital! We are still renting and can't wait to buy our own place, that means doing it all over again! X