Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Big C

I lost a friend today to cancer ~ a friend with whom contact had become sporadic since I moved away, but a friend none the less, our daughters were mates and we wasted many an hour at childrens parties sniggering and gossiping. She and I weren't part of the 
establishment, the Mummy Mafia, and so a lot of our sniggering was done about the absurdities of that clique.

I have done a lot of soul baring on this Blog ~ such a lot, in fact that I recently got an award for it ~ but this has made me pause for thought. There are now 3 kids and their Dad flung into the abyss of pain and loss that follows such a death, and beyond the usual condolences and visits there is nothing I, or anyone else, can do to help stop their pain.  And that, to coin a phrase, pains me.. She was such a free spirit, a one off, that none of the conventional options seem at all appropriate.

So I think I shall go up to the local Reservoir and throw some petals to the wind ~ and watch as they dance in the breeze and flutter away, and while they do that I shall mentally raise a glass to her amazing spirit, which is now free to dance and play with no more suffering.

Good Night my friend, sleep easy xx

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