Thursday, 7 July 2011

S.E.P. ~ And Why It's Not The Case

Oh look, I'm off on another child related rant... Quick, non parents run away whilst you still can.

When I had kids no one was more shocked than me by the realisation that I was in charge of turning 3 snotty, screeching blobs into fully functioning members of society, and if they turned out to be vile, dysfunctional little gits it would probably be mainly my fault. No pressure there then!

Anyway, I cracked on the best I could, even when I took on the role of single parent I still tried to instill in them the values that had been taught to me by my parents. I believed, and still do, that education is vital, and that fighting is NOT an answer, no matter what the provocation. It would appear that, by accident, I also taught them to fight like cat and dog with each other and to sulk for Great Britain in times of need ~ but we'll ignore that for the sake of this blog.

However, it would appear that I am in a minority. One of my children has been so badly bullied she has been off school due to be terrified, and another has been threatened by a local Mother (!) after her daughter belted him with a Golf Club. When I remonstrated with the Mother, she proceeded to threaten to burn my house down. Now I may be a little old fashioned, but this does seem a slightly disproportionate to the incident - although around these parts it would seem to be the norm.

And today, one of my children was assaulted on the way home from school. You may think that I am over stating the case using the word "assault", but when 4 girls surround 1 and repeatedly hit her with a long cardboard tube, and put yoghurt on her hair, they are, according to the word of the law, assaulting her. 

Now here's the quandry.. Do I say "enough" and report this to the Police, knowing that it will cause problems for the girls' families, or do I report it to the school (again) and hope they deal with it, or do I keep quiet and tell my daughter that it's only 2 weeks to the end of term?? And if I do go to the Police am I ready for the fall out that is sure to follow ~ I can protect my daughter, but I can't protect myself ~ and am I strong enough to cope?

In the words of the slightly dreary Bob Dylan "The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind". But for those who are interested, I suggest you watch this blog as I suspect the rise of the new style Super Mother is upon us!

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  1. Oh lovely, how awful, I honestly don't know what to say or suggest, and when it all comes down to it, only you can know what you feel/think is right. Bullying just makes me so angry, and it sounds like you can't rely on any kind of decency from the parents either!
    Whatever way you go, I hope you and the kids get he protection you deserve.