Sunday, 3 July 2011

Why Homework Appears To Be MY Problem...

Can we talk about homework?? This is the cue for anyone childless to yawn and turn their attention to far more exciting things I know, but I feel I need to rant..

When I was at school we started at 9 and finished at 4 and we had homework afterwards. If it hasn't done you got into trouble ~ as I well know. Now kids appear to spend about 17 minutes doing lessons, 4 hours doing Registration/Lunch/Library and all the sodding homework is computer based.

Now I am the world's greatest fan of t'interweb (yes I know..) but the fact is I can't bloody SEE what's being done on a computer and I can't then confirm that it's homework going on and not Facebook/MSN et al.. And if, as has happened to me, the printer decides to expire then God help us all.. It would appear that my children are lacking a basic tool with which to do their homework.. Excuse me? Does the school pay for my printer cartridges or the paper?? And don't even start me on Food Tech (that's cookery to anyone over 30) ~ approximately £10 worth of ingredients most weeks ~ Aaargh!!

Anyway, I would just like to make a small suggestion... Why not give them proper homework, as well as the tools to help. Sending them home with the stock phrase "Oh look it up" is NOT helpful. And please remember that personal laptops, colour printers and scanners etc are NOT staples in every household.. some kids have to *gasp* SHARE, and some parents are not in a position to furnish all of these things all the time.

So with that in mind I shall now revert to the usual Sunday mayhem that involves me screaming "Well, if you KNEW you needed to do this on Friday, why the HELL did you leave it until Sunday evening??" and wishing that I still drank....

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