Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A Whole New World.. without the Disney stuff.....

So, moving swiftly on from the "whether or not to call the Police" malarky of my last blog (No, alright, I didn't call them but let's gloss over shall we??) ~ today's random stream of whatnot concerns what exactly to do about moving this summer..
You see there are logistical problems, which include money, and organisational problems, which means me being rubbish really, and time constraints, meaning school terms. Oh and the slight issue of no job and the fact that my car appears to be terminally ill. So apart from all that ~ oh and having NO idea where to move to, it's a piece of old whatsit really..
So.. do I stay around here so the kids can stay at their schools and I can hope to sort myself out for a job sometime before The Rapture (scheduled for October apparently, for those who missed the first one). Do I head back to where I was before? So very tempting, back to friends and familiarity. Or do I strike out, take a brave pill and move somewhere totally new? It's not as easy as you think you know..
So, we accept that staying here is NOT an option, certainly not in this house. Moving back, so tempting, also means living with the ghosts of my past life, which isn't always a good thing, and having to live in a town that contains my dream home that now belongs to someone else. And somewhere new.. where?? Darn Saarf? Oop North? Abroad even? And do I look for a job first, or a school, or a house, or all three?? 
If anyone would like to make the decision for me, feel free to comment ~ or more importantly, if anyone would like to organise and finance this move for me, feel free to send wodges of cash in plain brown envelopes.. I Thank You..

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